Painting Challenge Week 3 1/2

9:43:00 AM

I have tried to come up with excuses for why I am behind, like allergies, change in season, overtired, overworked and really I do have all those things going on, but are they viable excuses for why I did not paint last week? The masochist in me says 'no'. So now I am officially one painting behind and I will have to make that up at some point this week.
I recently watched a video I purchased titled Antique Jar & Summer Fruit by Daniel Keys, who is a young artist that paints superbly beautiful still lifes. It really opened my eyes to just have fun with painting and there is no right or wrong (well sort of) to painting. I highly recommend it. It also reminded me that one of the things I love so much about painting is that it is forgiving. You can just wipe off, smudge, scrape, etc., a portion that is not working and fix it easily.

Autumn | 8"x10" | oil on linen | $325

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