Learning from the Masters

8:00:00 AM

As an artist I know that the cold, hard truth to getting better at art is to do it. I feel it is important to also focus on the fact that an important part of this process is to not only to experiment with your own ideas but to also experiment by recreating previous works of art.

You may think 'Why on earth would I want to copy someone else's work?', but the truth is you should, and often. (Selling them is a big no-no) You learn so much from trying to recreate something someone else's done and you may even go about getting an effect they did in a different manner.
I can even guarantee there will be some collective sighing and possibly foot-stamping (who, me?). but the end result will astound you. You may not produce an exact replica of said persons painting but I bet will even inspire you to do it again!

My lovely painting is a re-creation of the great master, Richard Schmid. There is a lot, and I mean a lot wrong with this painting in comparing it to the original, but the lessons I learned from it are invaluable.

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