Unexpected surprises

8:33:00 AM

It has probably reached a whopping 34 degrees here over the past week and with the mix of freezing rain and the onset of a bug I caught, I just really have not felt like painting. About 2 or 3 times a year this happens to me. So for a week and a half I have not been in to my studio, which my studio-mates kindly reminded me of.

Last night was my last night with my instructor so I mustered up the strength and went, albeit I almost fell asleep during the presentation. I talked to some fellow classmates for a bit and finally bit the bullet and started painting.

It was like a miracle. Once I started putting my brush in the solvent it was like an overwhelming feeling of something good stirring, and for an hour I completely forgot I was ill. Creating art truly does have some magic over us.

I spoke to my instructor about what to do in those painting lulls and he said 'When you get in a lull just make yourself pick up your brush and canvas and paint for 20 min. That's it. Just do a tree or something small.' I think to manage these moments better I am going to get a second set of paints and bring my small easel home so I have no excuse.
Hope everyone is staying warm!

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