Putting it into Perspective

12:43:00 PM

Recently I took a workshop on cityscapes and I enjoyed it immensely. It brought back everything I remembered from high school in regards to one-point and two-point perspective. It seems so often when I finish a painting I get upset if my perspective is off at all in my painting. (Wishing I would have taken a drafting class at some point.)

If you are not familiar with these terms, one-point perspective is when you have one vanishing point and two-point perspective has two vanishing points.

Practice just plain ol' comes into play here because there is perspective in everything. I think once you get past the intimidation factor and just accept that it is all part of the learning process to not get it perfect all the time, every time and just enjoy the journey you will find yourself throwing your brushes across the room or drowning your frustration in wine (which i never do!).

This particular painting I did is of a street in France, and my instructor just gave me a look, because as you can see I have several vanishing points to contend with, but I was determined to pull it off and I am very pleased with the result.

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