Lori Putnam Workshop

12:28:00 PM

It has been quite some time since I posted on here. My dog recently had to undergo surgery for a tumor that could have been malignant but it wasn't! Such great news. Now that she has completely recovered I can finally pick up the brush again.

I took a workshop with Lori Putnam a few months ago and she is just absolutely sensational. A peppy ball of energy, which totally makes her my favorite type of painter, and also a fabulous teacher. We focused a lot of doing thumbnail sketches before we paint plein air, which is something I never do and it was such a great thing to do, since if we lost our light we would still have our light/dark pattern. I learned a lot about values, although I already knew a lot about them something snapped when I took her class and all of a sudden they made more sense as to just how important they are to get right.
"Value is King!"

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