Painting Challenge Week Five

9:17:00 AM

This week I thought about edges some and then some more. Where do I want them to be sharp and create interest, a closing off if you will of one value shape from another. Where do I want them to be soft and almost invisible where I want to viewer to softly walk into a combined shape. It is like this well executed dance across the canvas. Where is there a smooth transition or a sharp turn?
I have always been a great admirer of Carolyn Anderson's work. I look at her paintings and am just in awe of how much she says with simplification and truly powerful and effective brush strokes. Her painting Mother and Child just takes my breath away. She is a true master of edges and a great inspiration if you are looking to improve your edge work.
Winter seems to have arrived early in the bluegrass and I am rounding up some painting buddies who are brave enough to paint in 30 degree weather and capture some beautiful snow scenes.

Waiting at the Dock | oil on linen | 7"x5" | $200

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