Painting Challenge Week Eight

12:15:00 PM

The last day of 2014 is also the end of this brief online challenge. There is potential for another challenge later, but for now I will resume my regularly scheduled program.

When I first started painting I painted from photos. The thought of painting from life or the out-of-doors was such an overwhelming thought at the time, yet now I find myself only wanting to paint from life or plein air. A photograph robs the stimulation of the senses that is part of the joy in experiencing the emotion you feel and convey in your work.

I found myself scrounging for a subject for my last challenge, looking all around for something that stirred my emotions. I sat still for a moment and there it was right in front of me, my dog sleeping so humbly on the couch. We carry such an emotional attachment to our pets and mine is no exception to constant spoiling and love.

I added some color around her with my coat and scarf, getting a look as I stirred her briefly from her slumber and took to the canvas. I had no rhyme or reason, while I listened to Richard Schmid on my tv, as to how I was going to paint it but just that I wanted the viewer to feel the emotions I have for this furry creature.

Rarely ever do I use such bold colors and I have to say it was quite enjoyable using some straight out of the tube and for once I didn't worry about whether this was going to be a good painting or a complete calamity. So often I find myself thinking before I paint, this one has to be sellable, and it places so much pressure that I often am extremely disappointed. I threw out all (well most) of the rules. There she is smack dab in the center of the canvas and on the horizon line, but she was where I wanted her to be.

So often I think we get so worked up over the success of a painting that we forget the importance of enjoying the process. Once I sat down and just went for it, I had so much fun playing with the color, and just putting it on the canvas and leaving it.

May your 2015 year be healthy, prosperous, full of color and love!

Nemea in Repose | 9"x12"

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